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9/1/2016 1:32:45 AM

Sniper Glint: NLB, PaT, QBB

Remove the Glint from these weapons


They're Snipers, keep the Glint.


So first, a story: The other night my raid team lost our sixth guy, and we needed another body to fill in the team. LFG... and we find a guy. This guy joins and does nothing but complain about Snipers in PvP, and that certain snipers shouldn't have glint on them. Primarily... No Land Beyond, Patience and Time... and Queen Breakers Bow. His reasons that he stated was that as follows.. [quote]No Land Beyond is a primary sniper rifle, that alone is enough of a reason to take away the glint, it's a marksmen rifle that rewards you for giving up a primary weapon! Why have glint? Patience and Time is counter intuitive to the perk, the glint gives you away when you invis! And the Bow isn't even a full on Sniper rifle, why does it have glint?! This needs to be taken away![/quote] Lets just say he was pretty bad at the raid and we abandoned him when we finished. Now then, I know why the glint is there- cause it's a sniper, it will one shot head shot someone- so there needs to be a trade off. But I know he isn't alone in this idea of these weapons 'needing' glint removed. So I wanna know, who else has this mind set that these three rifles need glint removed? Me personally? I don't use Snipers in PvP, I hate them, and I hate dying to them cause a team of six is hardscoping all lanes to where you can't flank them on certain maps- specially if you can't communicate with your team. So seeing Glint gives me a heads up that they are there. But again... who else is in the category of removing glint from these three weapons?



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