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9/6/2016 2:46:03 PM

Very unfriendly people

Patrols are PvE are they not? Well one guy decides that it is PvP and gets mad for me shooting at him when he does not help with tier 3 court. He voice chats me calling me names (specifically a female dog) and saying that "the way I am playing will get me banned" also saying that "his brother in law works for bungie and once he gets out of a meeting will possibly get me banned." I think that is a little much. I have done nothing wrong but play the game and have fun like everyone else. I do not know what category this is suppose to go but I felt like this guy needed to be reported or something because I feel like he is ruining this game we all love. I won't put his PlayStation name in here but if Bungie or Activision wants his name for any reason I will be more than happy to comply. Thank you.



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