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9/5/2016 10:38:40 PM

Destiny : The Taken King PS4

I purchased The Taken King for PS4 and it didn't activate. It's saying I have it installed but every time I launch any Taken King content it gives me the option to enter code, purchase deluxe upgrade, or purchase the collectors edition. It's really annoying you guys don't have a phone number but I would appreciate some help in getting this activated. I called PlayStation Network support and they told me I have The Taken King for both PS3 AND PS4 (purchased for both) and that the problem is on Activation's end, so activation's website saying you guys are the only ones to support this game (Bungie). PLEASE HELP. Steps Taken: 1) Delete game and re-download 2) Restore License/Purchases from Settings> PlayStation Network/Account Management > Restore Licenses (did not work, game was closed when I did this, and re-opened) 3) Contacted PSN who told me that I had purchased it, and that it's on you guys. Thanks in advanced, Just a little annoyed is all.



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