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KF raid - Making it easier for yourself or your team

So, after spending hips of time in this raid(for too little completions), , with almost always 1-2 players needing explanations, here are a few small but often not done things that can make your life easier: 1. The portal: You are a hunter and an orb carrier/orb escort? Ever thought of using predator and bloodbound? Place it where the phalanxes are going to spawn, by the first barrier. You or your escort can clear them faster. You are center, and a titan, and bored of bubbles? One well place FoH can clear ALL the center adds that spawn as soon as one side pick up the orb. Just go wait by the the little edge overtopping the court of Oryx. then you and your center friend can go help the other sides faster. Your teammate will take care of the barrier while you super takens to death. He's a titan too? Have fun taking turns. N.B: Bladedancer with showstopper is also good for fast clearing. (just don't wait just where they spawn. Razor edge is also good. 2. jumping ships: nothing out of the ordinary 3. Totems: You are at totems, and you don't feel at ease and would like a little extra something to help you stay alive. You have your sniper on, a solar machine gun or rocket launcher for the wizard... so, what about taking out from your Volt that Boolean Gemini. Make sure you kill adds with body shots consistently and you can enjoy some armor boost that will make things easier (don't forget to select the perk though). Tip from Wings fan 85: red dea works too. 4. Warpriest You have lots of titans? what about using a sunbreaker to clear these adds faster (them wizards can be annoying if you or a teammate are inexperienced) and make extra orbs? And if you are a defender, TOM is great for everything. Especially if you ar ein the center. Punch a thrall and enjoy. Get the power of the initiate, pop a blessing of light bubble (as long as another titan has a weapons of light) and just kill accolytes when needed, andgrabb blessing anew or shoot warpriest inbetween. Extra damage enver hurts. 5. Golgoroth: You have two hunters? keep a tether for down there. The other tether can be black hole and predator. Kill the thrall wave at the staart of the cycle, then go a place it properly to get them accolytes automatically tethered when they approach your position. Orbs all day. This is not exactly unusual, but them extra orbs can help your gaze holder to regen is health: if you do it on the left side (assuming your gazeholder will do it from the left), and have the perk killing tethered ennemies generate orbs (Who am I kidding, of course you do), it can make their life easier if he/she has the perks 'picking up orbs regenerate your health' 3r hunter? Goldengun with nighthawk for a boost to golg damage (activate before gazeholder grabs it so you can shoot as soon as in the pol. Or bladedancer (razor edge or showstopper again. I prefer the latter) and keep your teamates in the pit safe + clear thralls at the start of the wave (make sure your teammates let them come to you, so you generate orbs at the right place again for your gazeholder. Daughters: By now, you should have two titans in your team. One weapons can be good for extra damage, but what about the other titan? Well, if he's always on add control, FoH is good for the adds spawning at the start of a cycle in the center. Or sunbreaker, perfect to clear remaining adds (if any) at the end of the first cycle, once the daughter is down. If you use sunspots, you can also use it on second daughters if you didn't have to use your supers on adds. Oryx: You've got 3 titans in your team, or a warlock who doesn't need/like self rez? FoH and Nova Bomb can be great orb producer. Your hunter (I assume you have at least one) tethers with bloodbound the thralls at the start, and every time Oryx 'regained the favor of the darkness'after being tethered. Then Nova bomb or FoH them. This way, your two other titans should be able to always pop up their bubbles in the shade and still have enough orbs when they come back to get their supers up again. You're the only titan in your team? And of course, on ogre control, with TOM (yes, you finished the raid once, thanks to some great guys who talked you through it) and blessing. your team is not great at producing orbs? well... what about force barrier? or even no back up plans and a shotgun(1) ? In the shade, you can kill a thrall (punch or shotgun) then TOM Oryx. Rince and repeat. (1) the shotgun might be a handicapp though depending on how the rest of your team is doing. Or how ammo is dropping. If you are short on primary, and are left with a shotgun and your heavy for the ogres, well... you just have the heavy And I'm quite sure there are many other 'not done too often' gear&perks etup that can make your life (or that of your fireteam) easier. And last one: as a general rule, that you have heard everytime but is still allways good to repeat: try and make lots of orbs. Supers are your friends. If your super is to be used for a dedicated tasks, but there are already enough orbs to recharge it all around you, it might be an idea to just use it if there's a good opportunity for it. N.B: these are not necessarily the best set ups for the different tasks damage wise, but can be best suited to compensate some aspects of the game giving you or your fireteam a hard time.



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