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7/21/2016 9:16:18 PM

IB Rewards Ninja Nerf

By now, it's pretty clear to everyone that Bungie recently ninja nerfed 3oC. And when tons of us have called them out on it, they've been conveniently deaf. Surprise, surprise. Well, now, it seems they didn't stop there. This month's Iron Banner is giving out fewer post-match rewards than ever. And not just to me, but in general. You know, I can see post-match rewards for my WHOLE team, every time. You can reply with that tired, old defense, "RNG", all you want. It's evident to me and everyone with whom I've played and/or spoken, that IB rewards have been hit with their very own ninja nerf. Bungie won't cop to it; we all know that. But I'm calling this sh*t out anyway. Why (rhetorically, of course)?! Cancelling, postponing, interrupting, etc Iron Banner hasn't been enough?! We really needed another way to screw players over monthly?! C'mon, FFS! Feel free to chime in, Guardians.



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