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7/12/2016 4:36:54 PM

How is this game still fun?

I get that this game is supposed to be a moderation of skill and luck and the weapons you use, but when you go into a 1v1 and get killed super fast by a last word or a hawk saw or God forbid a special weapon it gets really annoying and not fun. And for things like trials, I understand that going flawless is for the most skilled players, but for people who love this game but cannot play everyday, trials is kind of pointless because other people who have no life and play this game religiously and go flawless every week and get the best stuff I understand that it is supposed to be like that but when I go 8-0 and I work hard for it and I deserve an 8-0 and then I get matched up against people who have went flawless every week since HoW, I really start to question the quality of a great game like this. I have only went flawless once by a fluke, and I have had countless numbers of 8-0s only to lose the last match. Video games or supposed to be fun, not a chore to play. That's why I used to like this game but now not so much and once August hits I'm no longer playing this game seeing as I'll have to wait till Christmas to get a ps4 and rise of iron so thanks bungie I guess you ruined the one game that I actually enjoyed playing sorry but that's the way I feel whatever



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