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6/14/2016 6:07:52 AM

Got a ridiculous name and a sense of humour?

Hi all! Yep, it's me again, back from the dead with a fresh new episode of Gamertag Judgement! An immense thanks to everyone who's sent the tags in so far! It's been an absolute riot sifting through to put these episodes together! If you haven't seen your name pop up yet, or you'd like to get involved, please suggest it in a comment below. Alternately you can Tweet them right at my face. If you are a Streamer, and you'd like to guest on an upcoming episode, don't be a stranger. We do this for a laugh and we're only too happy to share the love around. If you aren't a Streamer, but have someone you'd love to see do some Judging with us, sound off in the comments below and let them know what it's all about as best you see fit. The more, the merrier! You can get at me at the links below: Youtube: Twitch: Twitter: Discord: Cheers all! Log



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