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6/17/2016 1:20:53 AM

A serious talk about PS exclusives

Before anything, yes I have my own gripes about this game. But everyone does. Doesn't mean it still isn't a great game. I for one truly do love this game and everything Bungie is doing. But I can't deny that I have a little salt about the PS getting exclusive strikes and gear. To me, there is no Xbox. There is no Playstation. There is Destiny. I am a Guardian among many in the Vanguard. A Solider in the Iron Banner. A burning Light against the Darkness. And I feel that's ultimately what Bungie wanted me to feel with the release of this game. Since the release of this game, other games just haven't touched me the way this game has done so many times. But when I see Playstation guardians with their own unique gear and access to strikes and Lore I can't? I feel like it is a great injustice towards us of the Xbox. While I understand Microsoft really gave Bungie the shaft in a big way. I don't feel they should punish us who still use the Xbox. Which is exactly how it feels. We are being punished for the sins of Microsoft. And that just does not seem fair at all. Now granted, I do understand that Playstation does not get much more. But the fact remains that they get more than us. And ultimately it is because Bungie is rather, and justifiably so, pissed at Microsoft. And their way of sticking it to them, is only hurting loyal Guardians on the Xbox. And that is really it. So please Bungie, end the exclusive content. We as a whole must already deal with separation of game world's due to console choice. Must we, your loyal guardians, suffer more injustice because of a feud?



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