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Taken Winter's Run | Bungie | Please read (Deej, Cozmo, anyone please)

Heck yes, make the strike playable from orbit.


Heck no, I enjoy waiting days for the strike.


Bungie, I love you guys, but when you boast something as one of your featured objects of an update, don't hide it in a playlist, let us play it immediately and not roll dice to see if we get winter's run and then flip a coin to see if its the taken version, Bungie please, add a option in the director for the taken edition, I'm dying to get my hands on that stolen will. Not bungo hate just a realistic request for bungie so we can play winter's run by the director also instead of only playlist luck. Edit 1: 745 votes 7 up votes Y'all can vote, please upvote to bring this to bungie's attention. Edit - 5/10/16 Thank you bungie



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