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4/14/2016 9:46:15 PM

I Think I Got A God Tier Badger CCL. Please Review

It should be on my Hunter. If not, I'll post the perks right here. Any one that is bolded is the one that I have selected. It also dropped at 320. First Column: Red Dot-OES Ranged Lens RLS3 [b]TrueSight IS[/b] First Perk: [b]Triple Tap[/b] Second Column: Perfect Balance [b]Braced Frame[/b] ([u]Wished it was Hand Laid Stock instead. Eh, I used the Jade Rabbit[/u]) Rifled Barrel Second Perk: [b]Reactive Reload[/b] ([u]Struggling to see if it can two shot people in the Crucible with this perk active[/u])



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