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4/2/2016 10:52:20 PM

This platform-exclusivity needs to end... NOW!

Okay, Bungie, listen here! I've spent well over $150 dollars on your game. I will continue to spend my money on your game(s) because I'm a die-hard Bungie "follower". There's one thing I ask, even beg of you... Please end this bull**** platform exclusive content, it really bothers me how all of your loyal fans get a big "**** you" whenever you release new content. Stop picking favorites, stop leaving the Xbox platform on the back shelf. When I speak I'd like to think I speak for all of us Xbox "fanboys". Stop favoring Playstation when Xbox is what helped you grow, we're the original Bungie supporters, how could you ever think to leave us in the dark? I don't care if you continue to support Playstation, just please stop excluding the Xbox side of Destiny. We all pay the same price for DLC, editions of the game, the game itself... So why does Playstation get exclusive weapons, armor, shaders, Maps and Strikes? It isn't fair to the Xbox Player base, we play the game here too. Ever stop and think to yourselves that maybe Xbox wouldn't want to wait AN ENTIRE YEAR FOR EXCLUSIVE ITEMS?! Especially when they were made available on day one to Playstation... Please, Bungie, all I'm asking is stop this exclusivity. Other games may pull that bull**** but you don't have to. Hop off the bandwagon and make things right for the Destiny community, allow us to play with everything equally. There's still time before your next DLC drops, even then I'm more than certain that you could include them in a future update(not a year from now). I hope some of you can agree with what I've said here today. Sure some will view this negatively and hate on me, most likely the Playstation side but take into consideration how you'd feel if a chunk of the game was limited to the opposite platform as you. Thank you -Loyal Bungie/Destiny fan



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