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Destiny Feedback / Suggestion / Recommendation / Idea

I've been playing video games since the 70's, so I have plenty of experience. Raids: As a PVE-only player, I play the King's Fall twice/week, but only ever get frustrated with it. This role-playing concept you've created is so aggravating where if 1 person messes up with their role, everyone else suffers for it and you spend hours at a time trying to defeat one boss. It's extremely frustrating and such a waste of time. Why couldn't you just give us extremely difficult bosses to fight together as a team without all of this role-playing crap where there's always someone who fails to do their job, making everyone else suffer? Aside from the raids, all of the other game modes are too boring to play. The small adds you've created in the game are way to easy to fight, just as they are in Halo. SRL (Sparrow Racing League): - When one person is in 1st place, it's almost impossible to catch his lead unless they mess up. If you ever bring it back, why don't you just allow the remaining players to speed up while in his trail wind, so we have a chance to actually catch up like most other racing games do? - When the game is over, the person in last place is getting better rewards than the person who finishes in 1st place? Seriously??? Ever hear of a proper reward system? - On one of the maps, there was a huge jump, only to kill you once you land. Really? Why would you put a jump with major height if we're just going to explode once we hit the ground? Future Game Mode Recommendation: I have the most fun in video games online when I am teaming up with other people against the computer. If I were working at your company, I would create a game mode where we are outdoors, building some type of home base, when suddenly just over the horizon appear 50 enemies rushing us of all different types and sizes, trying to kill us and at the same time destroying our fort. It would be really fast-paced for the 3 to 6 of us trying to decide which enemy to kill all the while repairing the damage of our base caused by the enemies. We would have wave after wave of these enemies, only to receive elite rewards for finishing it hours later. If the fort goes down completely and we all die, it's game over. Now THAT would be insanely fun! :) Just some food for thought. Prison of Elders is way too easy, boring, tight-quartered, and over before you know it with all of those small adds, only to receive garbage rewards anyway. Whatever you decide to do in Destiny 2, good luck with it! Hopefully you will make it more exciting and bring back all of the people who have given up on it a reason to come back. And one last suggestion: How about giving us the ability to actually fly our ships, instead of watching some stupid pointless cut-scene, so we can actually have some air wars? You've given us the ability to fly our ships in Halo: Reach, so you're able to do the same in Destiny.



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