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3/15/2016 2:38:21 PM

Praise, and Raids for All

Hello, my name is Matt and I have been a loyal Destiny player for over a year playing primarily as the hunter class. To start off, I am not a youtuber and I am not a streamer. I am, however, a loyal gamer. I've loved ever moment spent playing destiny, whether it was first waking my guardian or first stepping onto the Dreadnaught. I've been there for every big event in the franchise so far and will continue to be a part of this great community for years to come. I've had some great times with my friends online in the crucible and performing strikes together. But what we have not been able to do together is the very achievement that all guardians desire: to raid and to progress to the highest light level. I understand that many many friends and fireteam members are made online, but not every player as the luck or time to make enough friends to create a fireteam of 6 players in order to do any of the raids. This has been and will continue to be my one and only complaint about one of my favorite games. I have spent hours watching others complete these raids with envy of their equipment and unique shaders or emblems that they have found. My request to this great company is for Bungie to consider implementing matchmaking into raids. Not only do I think that these raids are possible through your new and upgrading matchmaking patches, but well known and dedicated players of Destiny like KingGothalion and LacedUpLauren believe that it is entirely possible for a fireteam made through matchmaking to complete these activities. I do also understand that raids are time consuming and require patience and the ability to learn, but I also understand that the Destiny Community is a patient one. I truly believe that matchmaking, working the same as in strikes, would allow all players equal opportunity to reach the highest of light levels. It truly is more difficult than it sounds to find a fireteam of up to 6 players. I have joined several groups attempting to find enough players to play through my first raid and have been unsuccessful, even after joining groups made specifically to help players like myself. All I ask is for your team to seriously consider this option for the well-being and equal opportunity for all guardians. I would again like to thank you for the great gameplay and I look forward to the next spring update, as I will be keeping up to date with any news from DeeJ and your team through the companion app. Thank you.



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