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2/14/2016 7:03:11 PM

Fake exotics

I very rarely post but I had a horrible realisation when playing crimson doubles and using some year 1 weapons. I used the thorn (sorry) the icebreaker and the vex mainly and realised just how exotic they feel, sadly this made me think of my year two "exotics" and I use the term loosely, I have most year 2 exotics and have tried them for both pvp/pve and imo the only weapons that truly feel exotic are the sleeper, Tom and at a big push no time to explain (even though it's just a re-skin) This isn't a hate post by any means I've put the hours into this game and probably will continue to do so, but there is just no jealousy anymore, I remember seeing someone with the icebreaker or hawkmoon and thinking DAM lucky bast**d but now nothing. I guess all I'm hoping for is something to feel truly exotic again to make me laugh at the end game boss as my filthy wolf pack rounds turn him to ash! A loyal guardian out.
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