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Destiny 2 and Update

Hey Everyone. Im just making this post to tell the community somethings and mostly bungie these things. As a community I am sure most of you agree. Destiny is dead and dry. Before you hate on me I do not mean the player base (Even though that is dwindling). I am a guardian since the beta and have clocked in easily 1k and more hours. I have done everything as have many people in this game. I believe that even a DLC like TTK came within the next few months I doubt it would really solve our problem. The content would dry in a few weeks. What I believe now in order to save Destiny we need Destiny 2. Most of us remember our first raids the giddiness we felt or laughing and having fun with our friends at the extremely difficult nightfalls at the beginning of year one and guessing and praying to RNGesus for that one exotic we really want. As time went on and dlcs came we over time lost that feeling. Even now stepping into new raids we know how to handle ourselves and easily figure out mechanics and we lose that giddiness. I think we need Destiny 2 to restore that feeling. So Bungie please. Don't waste your time and our time with these events. They aren't gonna give us the feeling we need. We need that good giddiness feeling and in order to do that we need a new game. So please make a new one. Sorry for the rant and if you read all this good job! Also haters try not to hate. Sorry for bad grammar. I also realize that I barely touch the tip of the iceberg and theres a hundreds of other things but I did not want to write to much. Thanks so much yet again! Peace and keep on Destinying Guardians and see you around!



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