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12/8/2015 10:08:11 AM

Feedback for raids "Kings Fall"

We need match making for the taken king quest "Kings Fall" because for those of us who have no friends who play or any at all.... we are forced to deal with randoms from the game. People use you to get to a certain point then kick you and invite the lower level players the leader knows in person so you get no rewards. This is done by many people not just 1 or 2 I have met. Plus they fight to have the most kills when they are randoms and if you fall off of something they keep reviving you so you respawn in a place you will fall off and die again and again and you end up at the bottom of the list. Everyone is becoming selfish because of indevidual rewards. It needs to be set up so people cannot kick you once you started and so that the team is not "infighting" over roster and other petty stuff. Most people have done it over and over. I have not even done it once and have not even beat crota and have not had the chance for all chests in easy vault of glass and people like me are going to get left behind in the game all together due to the selfishness the indevidual rewards from team roster and what not fosters and embraces and there is not real team effort anymore. Match making would ensure someone will "deal with you". People even leave during match making teams but they are replaced. I have poor reflexes and this "match my skill" notion has made me unpopular due to my poor reflexes. I have had enough of the egoistic players and selfishness on the raids.



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