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Announcing Sparrow Racing at PSX was a terrible choice on Bungie's part

DISCLAIMER: Just to be clear, This is not a rant about sparrow racing . This is about how I think Bungie communicated this poorly. I think Bungie should have not announced sparrow racing at PSX. I think why some people are upset about sparrow racing is not that they don't like the idea of it , it is because of how and where it was announced. At PSX, most of the major gaming developers/publishers were announcing new games, or expansions. Some of these developers went into great detail about their upcoming games. I think some people got the idea that Bungie was going to announce the next DLC expansion here. This would've made a lot of sense. PSX is like E3 ( Though E3 will always be a better choice to announce things) Announcing the next DLC at PSX would've given current players hope that the game isn't "dead", but will continue to grow . This would also been greatly helpful in trying to convince those who are playing other games to come back to Destiny. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. All we got from Bungie was a tralier for sparrow racing.No DLC announcement , nor anything about the future of Destiny. That's it. Nobody from Bungie came on stage to talk about Destiny. (Deej, why are you at PSX to begin with???) After all that I bet some people's reactions were "You come to PSX, a place where every other freakin gaming developer is announcing new games AND THIS IS WHAT YOU DECIDED TO ANNOUNCE?!?! This is what you're spending time and resources on???" By the way, announcing that's this sparrow racing is only for three weeks didn't help matters at all. PSX was a terrible venue to announce this. Sparrow Racing should've been announced though a weekly update or on the Internet. Not at a place like PSX where you should be announcing new Expansions or sequels. Bungie should've stayed home in Seattle if this what they were planning to announce all along . This announcement at PSX left a lot of bad taste in people's mouths. I bet a lot of people are probably wondering now, this is the best that Bungie can think of? Isn't Bungie supposed to working on the next expansion? Also, this announcement has made the community divided (again god dammit). To summarize this post, announcing sparrow racing was a terrible idea. Bungie, please for future sake, please only go to events like PSX if you're announcing new expansions or sequels.



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