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Let's categorize Bnet Users we know

So I've been seeing a lot of threads that ask who your favorite bnet users are? Not one person did a thread where you categorize Bnet Users you know. This gives newfoman and other irregular offtopic users a chance to know who these users are and possibly a warning, haha. Okay let's do it. Categories Mrs or Mr Nice user: The asshole: Inspiring: The creep: Cringe worthy: Funniest: Attractive (based on selfies, so many!): The Educator: EMO user (there posts say it all!): Creative (based on general posts and threads): Shit poster: Okay offtopic, let's see who you choose. This is based on individual's POV, meaning another person may not feel the same way. No rush and no pressure. I'm not asking you on the spot. MrsPlatinumOG ' s Hit List: [b]Mrs. Or Mr Nice User:[/b] WiggleWorm, TxJreddy, Feijjy, Destroyr, Coco, Let's Get it On, Thaowel, RobinDaHood, Roaring Silence, Wings Fan 85, Notcristina, Touchyburrito, RvC MG, Alpha, stupendous finn, SmashNBurn, biospider, Nanana Batman, Death, King Dawgy Dawg, Wolfegang219, and Batman [b]The Asshole:[/b] CrunchyBoi23, Destroyr(being a little bitch right now), Diesalrose, Noiselesspurse and Mist number [b]Inspiring:[/b] Smiggles, DTL, and Pureey [b]The Creep:[/b] Tearfulflower and Etheric Peace [b]Cringe worthy:[/b]: MoistNana, Engra, dorit, nubbin, weebo, and Damustr8babygurl [b]Funniest:[/b] Peasant, Couch, Miron, and Asianskinhead [b]Attractive:[/b]DrGreenThumb [b]The Educator:[/b] Recon, Britton, and Overdrive7538 [b]EMO User:[/b] (there posts say it all!): About 75% of offtopic [b]Creative:[/b] (based on general posts and threads): Griiz, TunnelSnakesRule, TxJreddy, and Cattie [b]Shit Poster: 85% of offtopic Edit: daym stop moaning if you didn't make anyone's list, it's based on their opinions. It's just a thread, who cares. This is all for shits and giggles. Edit: So many sour pusses, chill it's just a thread. Ya need to light up a joint! Shiiiit!



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