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Exotic? Or is it really?

Well year 2 Newbie here again. And my time collecting exotics has really left me wondering: what is the Best exotic For each weapon type? And what does the community think? I also wonder what Exotic Armor is best overall, for each class of course. Im not lookimg for somones opinion to copy but more for peoples opinion about exotics, the best exotics, and the Must have exotics in general. This is my year 2 List, which is very brief and not 100% Finalized but for each weapon type: Auto Rifle: Suros Regime but very debatable Pulse Rifle: Red Death, Scout rifle:Tie between Boolean Gemini,jade rabbit, (tlaloc is warlock only) Hand Cannon: Hawkmoon, Shotgun: Invective, Fusion Rifle: Telesto, Sidearm: ?, Sniper Rifle: Black Spindle, Rocket Launcher: Truth( Are there any others in yr2?) Machine Gun: Thunderlord. Sword: 3 way Tie. Again, this list is just my opinion Based on what ive experienced or seen SO FAR as a year 2 player. Enough of my opinion, im very interested in the communitie's Opinions. Armor list( For warlocks): Helmet: Light beyond Nemisis, Torso: Heart of the Praxic Fire, Gauntlets: Claws of ahamkara, Legs: Unknown actually. Again this list is based on my experience or knowledge so ANY feedback is appreciated. (Note: i dont have much experience with Titans or hunters yet to develop a solid list. I will begin those shortly) thx again Community. Edit: Best Exotic Yr 2 Auto Rifle Poll is up. Vote now if you wish )



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