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Legendary Heavy recommendations?

What's your fav? I love my exotic swords and Sleeper, but when it comes time to play with NTTE, Black Spindle, etc, what heavy do you guys equip/recommend? This is strictly for PvE, as I already have a decent Ruin Wake or RL for PvP. Also, I have not gotten any raid heavy drops so any other suggestions would be more helpful. Thanks! [b]Edit:[/b] It's clear most people don't read a full post, even of this length, as I said I was looking for PvE only. Also, I was aware of the raid MG being real strong so fingers are still crossed for that. In the meantime I'm going to grind a bit for a Baron's, and perhaps consider the New Monarchy vendor MG since it's similar to Ruin Wake and offers Solar. Thanks everyone!



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