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11/3/2015 12:56:14 AM

Jumping misadventure!?!

I literally jumped from one platform to another, both platforms at equal heights, and apparently died when I landed on the second platform. How come anywhere else in the destiny universe can I do such a normal (to guardian standards) feat, and take no damage, yet this one obscure time, it kills me outright. I can't name a single time I've died in my hunter, or warlock for that matter to an actual Enemy; I have died numerous times to the Architects, along with oddities labeled "misadventures", as stated similar to the one above. Why are these counted in as deaths to my K/D? As a player who enjoy a playing games in hardcore modes, like offered in diablo, taking a pointless death because of some weird variable or server hick-up really annoys me. Most players will probably reply with the usual "git gud scrub", however when a character on my account wipes/died in a situation in which would probably my ghost to the whims of the darkness, I delete you can see doing that when you meet your demise to a simple jump you normally land and take no damage from 999 time out of 1000, and then suddenly dying from it, really gets annoying.



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