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10/19/2015 3:18:22 AM

Bungie Not Helping

It has been a day since I put up a post in the help forums to assist me in a game breaking bug that is still going on even now. Even a random who posted about the same error didn't get any help as of yet. Give me your thoughts and opinions. Video Description: After an hour or so in the court of Oryx with a random I grew a bond with in murder We were viciously torn away from each other when I tried to submit my completion of a bounty after killing Mini Crota ;-; It is unsolved and Bungie staff still have yet to help with this game breaking bug. The bounty is still in my inventory and can't get rid of it; I did the power reset several times to no avail, restarted destiny, all of that jazz and nothing worked. Xbox One Link to post:



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