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10/9/2015 2:35:44 PM

King's Fall Hard Mode?

Hard mode should have elemental damage primaries


Hard mode gear should drop at 320


Hard mode gear should be reforgable


So, TTK has been out a month now and still no news about when the King's Fall hard mode raid will be available? I really expected the release date to be in this weeks bulletin. At this point, I've gotten everything from the normal mode except the autorifle and sniper rifle (both of which seem ridiculously underpowered) and am wondering why none of the raid primary weapons have elemental damage - like every other raid in the game. We need hard mode to launch and we need elemental damage on the primary weapons. Also, everything in hard mode should drop at 320 - I remember seeing in one of the TTK livestream trailers that a guardian was light level 320, but nothing so far in TTK is over 310. I have a Black Spindle and I have a Sleeper Simulant, but I still feel a lot weaker than I did in year 1.



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