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9/9/2015 4:29:14 PM

Destiny 2.0 - Great PvP, Completely Broken PvE

Playing 2.0 makes me want to play more Destiny


Playing 2.0 makes me want to play less Destiny


Playing 2.0 makes me want to leave Destiny forever


WTF! I logged in last night to play around in update 2.0 and found that everything in PvE is just broken and garbage now. The PvP guys are happy because PvP is balanced (a little bit more than it was anyway), but every weapon in the game feels like a total pile of shit in PvE now. [b]What was the logic behind nerfing Perfect Balance and Field Scout into oblivion?[/b] The new music is annoying, the new ghost voice is so stupid and snotty - sounds like a 12 year old squeaker, the new sound effects for perk activation sound completely retarded, but the worst thing about the update is that every weapon in the game has been turned into a total steaming pile of crap in PvE content. [b]You needed to balance the Crucible for the small 15% of players who play it, but you needed to do it without completely -blam!-ing up the PvE content that 85% of your players care about the most.[/b] You've completely failed. You went full retard, you never go FULL retard! Prior to 2.0 Destiny was fun. I played it every day and absolutely loved my Efrideet's Spear, The Scholar (Adept), Thunderlord, and Fatebringer. Now all of those weapons feel like junk because of the massive nerfs to the perks. There is nothing fun about the game now. The only thing you had going for you was the gameplay - which you just totally screwed up. Year 1 was fun. I became legend and acquired many weapons that were a blast to use. Now the game is completely broken and just trash. Way to go Bungie, you just lost a lifelong fan. [b]Why is Bungie so hell-bent on killing Destiny?[/b]



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