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How can I contact staff as they DONT reply here, anything at this point would be useful. [STILL NO REPLY]

So I posted this before and now one got back to me, every since Friday I have been getting a lot of random error codes at random times and they are slowly becoming more and more frequent. I have never had issue with destiny before and I don't know why I'm getting them now, I've had so many different error codes and done everything that's within the networking guide and even done everything that's on the official xbox site and nothing has yet to work. This is very frustrating and I want an answer as I can't find it myself, if it helps I also get xbox party errors where it will disconnect me from the party and sometimes kicks me and gives me errors. Any help would be great. [ I've gone to xbox support and they have helped me as best as they can but that cannot help with the problems I am facing with destiny.]



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