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9/1/2015 5:55:45 PM

PSN account name changed - Help, Bungie!

Dear Bungie, our Clan is at an all time low right now. My buddy "TheCoon182" has a serious problem. His PSN account has been reported and blocked due to an "inappropriate" username. The word "coon" seems to be a racist insult in the US slang against black people and some salty person reported him. It's a short version of the word "baracoon" what's a form of a cage. But here in germany no one even knows about this at all. We had to google it to understand what's going on. He originally chose his username because of "The Coon", Cartmans alter ego Supervillain in the well known series "Southpark". He even used Cartman in his Racoon costume since months as a profile picture...he's just a fan of The Coon, that's all. It has NOTHING to do with racism. Yes, we are germans and we know that racism is one of the worst things describing our history and we're very sensible about this topic. Our clanmembers are supporters of the current refugees welcome campaign because of all those retards hating on helpless people. The fact is: His username was active for two years and if he had known that the word Coon is a racist insult, he NEVER EVER would have used it in his username. It's impossible to know every meaning of every word in every country though and it wasn't even used in the racist context at all. Ther are also over 38000 other PSN usernames that include the word "coon", so the actions Sony took are simply embarrassing and ridiculous. It's just a shame. But nothing helped, even though we've contacted the PSN support more than 10times today, talking to really nice people that openly admittd it's just a dick move. Sony gave him no other choice: He had to change his username to keep his PSN account intact to save his bought games and store deposit of around 150€. The problem is: He lost ALL his progress in Destiny. His Destiny account and progress is still linked to his old username that isn't accessible anymore. He is a Day1 veteran with 3635 grimoire points, platinum, clan founder and leader of our clan "NonPlusUltra", collected every exotic, helped countless people through endgame activities, put over 1500hours of his life into this game, bought every DLC with pure happiness and was truly excited about The Taken King. He never cheated or was a dickhead to other players. He truly enjoyed your game to the fullest. He really is a good person and a good guardian and already a legend to most of our clanmates, including myself. Now he is a wreck and I think everyone with a bit of empathy is able to understand that this is just an unfair action and situation. He even considered to stop playing your game once and for all because he lost his whole Destiny identity and he just feels empty. Please Bungie, help me and my mates to rescue one of your biggest fans and guardians of being lost in the void of a corrupted system where everyone can blame anyone for shit reasons. Help us to link his progress to his new Username "Sureshot_1982_" so he can look up again to continue his ingame career. Standing up without your help won't work I think. I heard it's possible to use a new account name on Xbox Live and it doesn't lead to any progress reset in Destiny. There has to be a way to make this possible on a PSN account too. Don't tell me you're unable to help, please! Sincerely, a Day7 veteran who wouldn't have come that far without the backup of our clanleader. TeddyNutz



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