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8/25/2015 2:56:20 AM

The Lingo, the symbology, the pieces and parts

The lingo is baffling me; "active consumables" WTF is that? WTF is "etheric light" and how do I get it. Etc... I play more than some people and not as much as others and there are aspects to this game I cannot fathom. Like What does this mean, what's that talking about, what should I do or where should I go to get one of those. I mean sometimes it feels impenetrably obscure. I want to know what to do, what to get, where to go to get it, what this mean, why certain exact same guns have different emblems, etc... I run a run a company that demands most of my time so I don't have a great deal of time to devote to figuring these details out. Is there some where u can go to get educated in a short amount of time? Like an abridged ayers manual ?



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