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8/22/2015 3:45:17 PM

Nepal Shader Error

So I like many guardians out there I bought a t-shirt to support relief efforts in Nepal. As promised, I got my shirt month ago and just got my code for the shader. So all excited today I jump on, download the new update, see I have 2 packages waiting, get to the tower and special delivery is empty and covered in ghost shells. So I go to the postmaster and I have 2 special delivery packages. SWEET!! First one is 500 glimmer. The second is a vanguard pulse rifle. I HATE PULSE RIFLES!!! WHERE THE FRONT DOOR IS MY DING DANG SHADER!!!!!! Really Bungie!!! Come on!!! You guys almost won me back with a the new taken king stuff, but now I remember why I cut this game out in the first place. Destiny is above all one thing. Inconsistent! I do love this game. But I hate to love this game. It's like a horrible cheating girlfriend that weasels their way back in, then turns around nails one of your buds while you nap on the couch. As in "everything is good again. Oh no you just f'ed it all up again. I could go on but I have other things to do. Thank God Fallout 4 comes out in a few months. Bethesda always seems to have their shrimp together. Thanks Bungie Obi



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