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Petition to Allow Optional Infusion on Year 1 Legendary Weapons

Allow Infusion for Year 1 Legendary Weapons


Don't Allow Infusion for Year 1 Legendary Weapons


Infusion seems like a great idea, but it isn't implemented properly. From what we've seen in the reveal all legendary and exotic weapons in year 2 are level 280 (does this mean that infusion won't even work until the next expansion?). You say you listen to your fanbase... Well here's what I propose: [b]Allow infusion on all year 1 legendary weapons (or at the very least the end game activity legendary weapons from Vault of Glass, Crota's End, Iron Banner, and Trials of Osiris).[/b] This way it would be our choice if we want to infuse a year 1 weapon or a year 2 weapon. [b]Give the choice to the player - make us Legend.[/b] All right Destiny community, cast your vote and bump. [b]EDIT 1:[/b] Appears to be about 2/3rds of the community that is in favor of allowing infusion on year 1 weapons. To put into monetary terms Bungie and Activision can understand - that is approximately 2/3rds of your fans that will be unhappy with your product if this isn't changed - last I heard there were about 10 million Destiny players so this is over 6 million players. This seems a pretty bad design decision at a time when many other AAA games are hitting the market - without name dropping any games, I think we can all agree that the Destiny playerbase will drop this fall when certain new games release. By making decisions that will push many gamers away from Destiny at a time like this they may never come back. [b]EDIT 2:[/b] The voting results seem to be fluctuating between 2/3rds and 3/5ths in favor of allowing optional infusion on year 1 legedary weapons. [b]EDIT 3:[/b] A new idea occurred to me. All I want is the option to upgrade my favorite legendary weapons from year 1 - The Scholar (Adept), Efrideet's Spear, Timur's Lash, Fatebringer, etc. They could add this feature in a way that made it so hard to do that most players wouldn't even attempt it and I would be happy - [b]say a quest line where you need to kill 50 strike bosses with the weapon, then kill 1000 guardians in the Crucible with the weapon, etc. At least then I'd still have the option and the game wouldn't be flooded with thousands of ascended year 1 weapons the first day of TTK.[/b] It really should be about player choice. If I want to be able to use The Scholar (Adept) I should be able to. [b]Edit 4:[/b] I played 2.0 last night and it was the worst experience I've ever had in Destiny. Everything I ever loved about the game was totally broken in PvE. They've trashed PvE to try and balance PvP. The massive nerfs to Perfect Balance and Field Scout have totally broken every weapon that uses either perk. The only thing they ever had going for them was the gameplay which they just completely screwed up. All they needed to do was give us new good weapons, not make everything in the game total trash. They've completely killed the game for me - it isn't even fun anymore. The only reason I ever played Destiny over other shooters was the perks on the weapons - it was the only thing that separated it from Halo, CoD, or Battlefield.



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