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7/21/2015 10:31:35 PM

A few suggestions from MightyVulpix

Hello Bungie i just wanted to make a few suggestions to make Destiny even more "well rounded". 1: Can you please add a variety of ghosts and ghost shells? I have been thinking a lot about destiny and what makes it great, one of the reasons is individuality. to make it personal to the player how about more ghost shells and different types of ghosts (such as a little Sepiks Prime ghost, a cubed ghost). 2: Guardian selling items of their own This seems a little farfetched but let me explain. Guardians have a little trouble with income and gathering items (including me) so to make ways easier to obtain items and glimmer can you add guardians able to sell or trade items? For example: to sell a legendary weapon/armor it will cost between 0 and 3000 glimmer. to trade legendary armor/weapons it can be traded for an item/weapon of equal status (the seller can specify what gun he/she wants but it has to be the same status EX: legendary for legendary) as a result when the trade is complete the armor/weapon that the guardian was selling goes to the buyer and the glimmer/weapon goes to the seller. Thank you Bungie for making an awesome game. I hope this recommendation gets to you soon. ~MightyVulpix



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