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7/11/2015 9:03:10 PM

Lvl 35 PoE - What the heck are we doing wrong at Skolas?

It's my sixth time trying this atrociously boring and repetitive boss fight. It's my sixth time failing. What the heck are we doing wrong? Our very first try, we managed to get Skolas to about 25% of his HP, about 2 or 3 shots left before the last mine part triggers. We got the whole rotating part right, we got the whole poison distribution thing right, heck even one of our teammates was just level 33! So, we waited patiently for our Heavy Ammo synthesises and used them, triggered the mines spawning by shooting Skolas once with our primaries, then shot about 14 Gjallarhorn rockets at his face and some Hunger (my other friend doesn't have Gjallarhorn), and he didn't die. About 10% HP left. Guess what? Enemies killed us before we managed to kill Skolas with our primaries/secondaries. Not even sure we would have been able to dismantle the mines anyways. By the way, I play on 360 with my friends. Loading the Inventory menu takes FOREEEEEVVVEEERRR, literally. So we would make sure that before someone opens the menu, they'd have just taken the poison. EVEN WITH THAT SAID, sometimes the menu just wouldn't load after ~10 seconds, so we had to have someone take the poison and then rotate if necessary. This shit is absolutely stupid and I cannot believe it's one of the things stopping us from making this fight more enjoyable/potentially easy. I almost want to say Skolas is impossible on 360/PS3, but I might be overexaggerating...! So yeah, what's the problem other than the obvious fact that someone wasn't lvl 34 and someone doesn't have a Gjally? We almost did it three times and died because of lack of firepower/modifiers like Lightswitch one-shot killing us/enemies spawning right when the mine phase starts/other artificial difficulty bullshit? I'm tired. I'm tired of PoE...



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