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7/4/2015 8:03:34 AM

Bungie, Here is Some Great Ideas for You Before you Send Your Game to the Grave

Hi, you may have seen some of my topics many times, or maybe you haven't but i do not care. I am a week one player of your game destiny, and i have seen many faults in your game that will send this game back to the drawing boards before you even reach year three. One of the few main reasons why i say this to you is because: 1. this game was ten years early with a whole load of content removed and turned into dlc's as it is. 2. you loot system is as useless as a square wheel. 3. you stuck with activision. 4. you failed at the clan system of the game. 5. lack of content. These facts are going to lead your game to be abandoned because the players are getting bored of the same crap and the small amount of missions you have available that is supposed to last at least until the next dlc. Two of my clanmates and I are prime examples of such issues with pertaining to your game. we played it almost every night, but now we are going to games like minecraft, pvz, dark souls, and skyrim because at least those games have creativity, fair gaming, humongous storylines, and allows us to stand out from others. If this game is to last ten years like you said it would, you need to step up your game, and i have a few things for you to look over if you would. [u][b]Clans[/b][/u] Clans are a very important thing. Clans are a group of players with the same way of playing a game or had become familiar with eachother enough that they make an unstoppable force, and they wanted to express their strength under one banner. Your whole clan thing in destiny is a spit in the face to anyone who has commanded a clan in a game at one point. All there is is a title that goes on their gamertag. WTF. how is that suppose to show anyone who they are and remember their names? To hell it won't because it is completely useless. Here are a few things i have come up with for clans that will be extremely popular amoung the big clans for sure. [b] Hierarchy[/b] All great clans have a hierarchy to show where their clanmembers stand in reputation. The founder is always the top of the food chain, but other positions can be given or earned as time passes and the clans begin to see who are the most deserving among them to be recognized as the leader or the general or whatnot. a Second form of hierarchy in the clans is from leveling up in their clan, a set of titles to be given when they reach a high enough level and their allegiance to the clan deepens. [b] Custom Gear[/b] One of the greatest things looked upon any game with guilds, clans or whatnot is if it is a customizable clan. in other words, the best option for destiny is a way for the administrators and founder of a clan to come together and put together their clan's image with emblems, weapons, armors, shaders, sparrows, ghost shells, and jumpships. this could be done in the administrator page of the clan page in which ideas will be put together by the founder and his administrators and placed on a vote for what shoud be used as clan gear, or "Orange" gear. The final creation of the made items would be paid in glimmer and in resources gathered up by the clan, the highest for each piece being around 17,000 glimmer and 7 resources, which will determine upgrade material needed. emblems and shader will stay around 10,000 glimmer to be made and will be sold by the clan's personal vendor (randomly generated NPC given a name by the founder. [b]Clan Hall/ Clan Mothership[/b] When players look around the tower, what they see among the walls of the tower are closed lots of unknown use in the game that can be used to house the clans that have grown in destiny. This place is a sanctuary for only those involved in the clan or who are planning to join. The founder and the administratore will be responsible for designing the layout of the place with pre-made rooms in chich are upgraded to the space with a great amount of glimmer. The lounge, clan vendor stall, and the war room are the only free part of the whole thing in there. Addable rooms for the clan halls are the practice room,additional social rooms, armory to test out weapons, and the clan trophy room which will allow the clan to obtain souvenirs when the accomplish something together like raids, clan tournaments, poe stuff, and wars. If the clan hall was not enough, then a mothership is a great idea. This is a social area that stays in orbit of Earth until members of the clan request to go to the outer ring of the solar system to reach Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus (and possibly Neptune?). In order to bring this costly ship together, the founder must choose a blueprint for the framework of the ship, giving the initial shape of the ship, and then the clan must go hunt for glimmer and resources and deposit it into the clan's fund bank. Once the framework is completely finished, the clan is given a set of Seven ship quests to obtain parts needed for the ship to be brought together. With nothing but clan members, they must hunt dow more resources, parts found in the junkyard of the reef and from the ancient spaceships in the cosmodrone, hidden technologies lost in the databases around venus and mars, and some "Extra" parts from the enemies to create the ship. These seven parts that are needed for the ship to work are the thrusters, life support system,fuel and energy sources, security system, control module, weapon systems, and hyperdrive systems. Once these are all brought together, the ship is given a paintjob that represents their clan and the founder woul map out the whole style of the social area just like the clan hall, but with added areas like the jumpship hanger, the orbital map room, the jumpship's command center, and more. They will use the mothership to get across the space in between mars and jupiter, which is over a billion miles across. this will give them a chance to run into things before they reach the planet: Fallen pirates that the reef fallen keep talking about, hive seeders traveling the space, cabal command forces intercepting, vex command centers running into you looking to destroy you, and lost colony ships that held ancient artifacts that went dark before the collapse, giving them a chance to find blueprints for their clan items and whatnot. This will be a great chance to introduce dogfights to the game and the crucible. [b]Clan Crucible playlist[/b] Due to the fact of clans being who they are. it is a great ideas to allow some competitive rivalry to form as clans go against eachother to prove who's the best. I've come up with three different types, clan tournament, clan wars, and clan swat. The clan tournament will allow multiple clans to come together in one tournament every two weekends to prove who are the better clan among them all. A group of six to nine clan members will go against another random clan and will do an elemination round in which the losing team are eliminated from the tournament and are to wait until the tournament is over to see who won the semi finals and finally the champions of the clan tournament will be given a trophy and a cache of clan blueprints for their items. Next, clan wars is a playlist in which nine clan members must be on a fireteam in which the team will fight their way to take over the other's command centers. Both dogfighting and regular fighting will be used in which those in their jumpship will have to keep the enemy jumpship from shooting down his/her teammates on the ground. when a jumpship is destroyed, the clan member has to wait for it to be repaired and will have to switch places with another member for the time being. whoever destroys all three command centers wins the match. Clan swat is a match in where all special abilities are given a boost of cooldown speed, but no supers are available. All this playlist is a tactical standoff between two clans as they eliminate the other team. clan weapons only. [u][b]Places[/b][/u] You have different places on destiny to go to, like the moon, mars, and venus at the moment. The thing is that you have the gravity system of all places set the same as that of Earth. Do you realized how more impressive it would have been if you made it to where the gravitational pull of all locations were exactly like the real thing, affecting the way the character and enemies move? Think about it. Your character is on the moon and the jump height of the jump is increased due to the lack of gravity in the area. awesome, but ther is also detrimental consequences to this. if it was venus, in reality there would have been guardian pancakes strewn all over the beginning of the map because of the atmosperic pressure and the gravitational pull. another thing, natural disasters. Venus in real life have an acidic atmosphere in which when it rains, it is literally a flesh eating disaster. you made it a jungle there so it would be cool if the natural disaster is rainfall that eat at your shields. give it a new mexico touch in which it is block raining which means it rains for a couple minutes, then gone etc. Mars is simple and needs sandstorms. The moon is constantly being pelted with meteor showers. Russia gets snow. You get the point? Also, you need other places to open up in the worlds because you have crucible maps in europe, the dark side of the moon, etc. give us a break and let us see the true collapse of Earth in all its glory in europe, Japan, and America and whatever other places i forgot to mention. to be continued in the afternoon: [u][b]New Weapon Attributes[/b][/u] Ill be back with more ideas to put out in the open. please ask any question and what you think about the ideas i entered so far.



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