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6/23/2015 1:52:44 AM

Destiny Clans need working on.

You guys had had this game out for over a year. My friends and i who play destiny has made multiple forums about the need for expression for your clan system and you had two dlc's (The first being the crappiest) and yet you have failed to look at what could have been the greatest thing to add to both pvp and pve in destiny. BUNGIE YOU NEED TO DO SOME WORK ON YOUR CLAN STUFF MAN! There is so much you can do and so much i have thrown at you in these forums to make as a part of the whole clan system of destiny. With any form of clans, games from before had a way besides a tag to represent their clan, especially new games like AW, GTA5, and warframe. All im saying is that if you can make it more to represent our clans like emblems and shaders, it would be a great step for the clans in your game. But that is not all you can allow. you can make it to where we can customize a set of gear for nothing but our clans, which can only reach the strength of normal purple gear set on the current generation of the game. From weapons and armors, to sparrows and jumpships, to clan emblems and shaders, and even ghost shells, it could make the clan experience worthwhile. Also, because of the many openings sealed at the tower, they could be fashioned into private spaces for clans in which they become social areas that only allow the clanmembers unless invited as a promising recruit. This area then can have a training ground for practicng with new weapons or learning new tricks, to maping out a raid for a tactical advantage, a personal vendor for the clan that shows off rolled or specially requested gear (for 1.5x's the cost of course), and then a resting area for the crew to relax as they wait for their fireteam members. Of course the next step will be for the crucible for which clan wars and all-out war can be used. The clan war is a part in which fireteams of nothing but the clan mebers will fight in a tournoment against other clans for bragging rights and gear upgrades for their clan (a way to obtain the master engram for that piece of armor, that way the clan stuff is earned.) The all-out war is a playlist with bigger maps in which four fireteams of a clan fight both on land and in the air in their jumpships to capture the other base, much like when we have to kill and enemy before they reach the checkpoint. The next big step would be for when the destiny world is expanded outwards towards the farthest reaches of space to jupiter and beyond, and that is the creation of clan motherships for free transportation to planets in the outer ring of the solar system. the creation of the motership can only be accomplished from the compiled searches throughout the inner ring in which clan members will be in fireteams to find blueprints for the parts of the mothership, the framework they chose, the saved up glimmer and resources needed for the parts, and the salvaged material from mars, the reef, and the cosmodrone. this creation would extend from a week or to a month depending on the numbers of clan members there are. With the mothership traveling through the gap between the inner and outer ring of the solar system, they will encounter fallen pirates, hive seeders and dreadnaughts, vex mcc's, and cabal invasion ships, and ruins of old colony ships that never made it to their destination. Dogfights would be presented to fend off the enemies, unique golden age weapons can be scavenged from the colony ships and great rewards can be found in the middle of nowhere. Bungie, you need to work on the clan stuff, please at least glimpse at these ideas i have left open on a golden platter for you so that you have an idea on how to make it mor pleasing to be in a clan. i know im not the only guardian wishing you would do something more. Ask the community. Here, i'll do it for you. TO ALL FELLOW GUARDIANS OUT THERE! ESPECIALLY ALL THOSE FELLOW FOUNDERS OF CLANS THROUGH BOTH PS AND XBOX. DO YOU WANT YOUR CLAN TO STAND OUT? DO YOU WANT A PLACE TO CALL YOU CLAN BASE OF ACTION? DO YOU WANT TO PROVE WHO IS THE BETTER CLAN OR DO YOU WANT TO TEST THE SKILLS OF OTHER CLANS IN A FRIENDLY RUMBLE OR WAR? WHO WANTS THEIR OWN CLAN GEAR? PLEASE LEAVE WHAT PLEASES YOU MOST AND WHAT OTHER THINGS COULD BE DONE. MAKE THIS POPULAR SO THAT BUNGIE COULD ONE DAY SEE IT PLEASE!!!!!!



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