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6/17/2015 4:08:36 AM

Impressed with taken king....but

I admit i am impressed with what bungie have done for the new expansion pack from what i seen in the previews. you gave the enemies new looks that are very different from what you have done to the rest of the expansions and the classes are really cool, but there is still things some of us are rooting for. We still have nothing for us to work on for our clans. is there any chance you guys can gleem on the act of at least allowing us to customize one of the many lots in the tower and make it into our own clan hall? seriously. we need something for them instead of a title, and im not the only one who thinks it. allow the creation of our own clan emblem like other major games so that we can show off who we are, give us a trials of osiris-like crucible playlist that only allows a fireteam of one clan on each to see who is the better clan or something. i even thought it would be cool if we could make our own mothership as a clan to station our clan members as a small social area specifically for one clan. i understand it will be complicated to do for you or you may not even glimpse at the ideas im throwing at you for clans, but if you see this, i at least tried to make our clans matter. p.s. you guys need more heavy weapons and futuristic weapons. grenade launchers, shock cannon, laser rifle, s. machine guns and please for the love of god get some melee weapons in this game. you guys removed the swordbearers from the game and the only time we run into them is when we do a mission or the raid. i hunger for the chance to use a big sword in the crucible with my titan. i even had ideas to make it a plausible item to use in crucible so that the wielder has a chance to actually get kill, like the weapon increases shield strength and speed, or somethin like that. all i really care though is the clan, that is all right now, so come on, think of something for the clans to do or use the ideas i have laid out pleasantly for yall, itll be worth the trouble, i can promise you that. :)



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