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6/7/2015 8:33:19 PM

What Really Grinds my Gears!!!

1) I reeeeally hate it when u respond to someone asking for help in the forum send them a friend request, they accept, to then not allow u in their fireteam because of the setup u have on that character. Never mind that u might have done the thing they want help with a dozen times. Or, they let u into the team only to then boot u with out even so much as a thank u. 2) Gally Snobs- this is where some people will only have u in their team if u have a "gally". I only got mine last week after playing the game since launch. This community wants to grow the hell up and help their fellow man regardless. There are plenty of good players out their that don't use a Gally. 3) Same can be said for the Trails, "only flawless" or "must have 1.5 higher kdr" so many people are not getting a chance to experience all that the game has to offer because of the way it's structured. Ultimately, it's discrimination, it's unfair to a lot people and to be honest it's not what I think bungie had in mind when they started the community. Nuff said!!



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