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5/25/2015 6:00:17 AM

I've been wanting this for a while...

who wants to kick uldren's royal butt!


who doesn't?


who just don't care?


Bungie, the prison of elders is a great challenge and is fun to go through, but it got me thinking on a few things, though. with the prison, you can use it to add other bosses to the reef collection to make more arena battles to be played. we've seen how easy it was for skolas to be capture, why not keep it interesting and send more giant bosses out in the world as events and make it to where the queen asks us to capture it for the prison. straight to ther point, though. the reef if open, the guardians are in it and the queen's brother is probably fuming about us being in his home. i have been dying for the day for a mission to where we had to kick his royal little $%% and teach him a little manners when dealing with guardians and the affect of being a palace @#$%^ with no real skill in real fighting. I want to go toe to toe with the little bastard really bad, and i do not think i am the only one in agreeance here! am i right?



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