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It takes more than one to do more

should there be big ships to take us?


you think your jumpship can make it?


i had a random thought when i began to remember that one picture of the destroyed ship in destiny's update page. This though could be something that can be used to make being in a clan a motivational necessity. If we were to scale out the distance of the size of the solar system, this is what we get: Fom the sun to mercury: 10 paces(walk) m. to Venus: 9 paces. V. to Earth: 7 paces. E. to mars: 14 paces. M. to the asteroid belt: (roughly) 20 paces. A.B. to jupiter: 75 paces J. to saturn: 112 paces S. to uranus: 249 paces U. to neptune: 281 paces N. to pluto: 242 paces Scale this to a million times and you have the size of the solar system. this means that the jumship's can travel pretty far, but making it to something over five times the greatest didstance it can travel? No, you will just join the rest of the probable lost colonies that have collected in space in the reef or beyound. Now the miracle of how the guardians have made it to the closest planets to Earth is from deep studies from the ishtar academy and its scientists or whatnot in the past in whichis utilized to allow them to travel from one to another, but they are so close together and the longest one is only twenty paces away from mars. To get to jupiter's orbit, the jumpships must be able to travel 5.6 times that distances, and lord knows what will wait for them at that distance. Lost colonies, ancient, destroyed relics of the golden age, space dust, hive voyagers, vandal pirates, cabal, or even vex cor ships or whatever you want to call how else they travel from one place to another besides jumping time. I'm sorry but i doubt the regular jumpships would have the power, or enough juice to get to halfway that way and be able to make a return trip. The possible answer to this problem? Simple, motherships! They have used them in many space genre'd entertainment. The mothership is the base of aliens, or the central command of the humans. it carrries the ships of said travelers across great distances to allow them to travel nonstop to the next solar system to invade. Clans could make their own mothership in the cosmodrone to allow them to travel across the solar system for free and with less hassles, fighting off invading vandal pirates, vex, hive seeders, or cabal mercenaries passing by. The mothership can be made in the image of what the clan customizes it to give it its own unique look or keep it default if they do not want to be flashy. With a glimmer cache set in motion between the clan members, and also resources, they can stock up on items needed to make every part of the ship needed to be of flight compatibilty and worthy of space travel. Then, they can build the insides on where the clan will meet and create the floorplan of the clan social area. of course,there are three parts in which they stay on the ship; the control room, the danger room (war room, whatever you want to call it), and the hangar. The Ship itself comes in seven different parts besides the foundation of the ship itself, which would be available when the clan leaders have chosen the shape of the ship. These seven parts include the engine room, control room, danger room, hangar, hyper drive system, weapons system and the life support system. the last thing to be done would be the hyper drive room so that the clan could configure the settings in which they want the social area and the looks of important rooms to be. there will be some parts that can be found in the reef and the cosmodome for the engine, hyperdrive factor, and the life support system, but the rest can be put together with just resources. of course there will be a public transit mothership from the vanguard that will allow you passage for about 5,000 glimmer and free with the crucible's, but it will be free if your clan owns the ship and keep maintenence with it to keep it from locking down from instability, which will just be a problem every month. i think this would be a good idea and i do not remember hearing that any other game really has this itself, so it could be used without any worry of being another idea from another game or seem to be the same thing, and plus i really want to see my clan do something other than having the title, i want to represent my clan with items and whatnot, but you havent made that really possible. Who else likes this idea?



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