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They definitely promised us a raid in HoW. New proof!

Check out the handwritten note that Deej left us back in January regarding the raid we should've gotten in HoW. It is totally official. He signed it. With a heart. Which is weird but it just helps prove its authenticity. There can be no more doubt that we were supposed to get a raid with HoW after this new evidence has surfaced. Everyone start requesting refunds now! Thatll show them! [b]Looks like we getting somewhere. Deej may have been fired for his shenanigans. There is now an opening for a position as Community Manager on the Bungie website. Check it out Let it be known that this is not enough! We will not quit until we get the raid we were promised! [/b] Edit: 100 replies! We're getting some attention now! We want answers DeeJ! You can't hide from us Edit2: 200 replies guys! Now they know we mean business! Deej, you should never sign something with a heart unless you intend to take it cereally Edit3: 300 comments! I feel a coup d'etat coming on. Yep. I can feel it. I can feel it coming in the air tonight Edit4: 400 responses guys! And to those criticizing DeeJs handwriting - its because DeeJ types with his toes and writes with his feet. There was a thread about it a while ago Edit5: obligatory 500 replies edit! Woot woot! Let's show these Bungie dick holes they can't get away with this! We want a response from Deej! Edit6: 600 replies! To anyone wondering why i have 6 Edits instead of updating just the first one every time we hit a benchmark, it is because i want to document every step of our journey towards getting our raid back! (Also, that's how all the cool kids do it on the forums, and i really want to be cool like them) Edit 7: 700!... wait, no... 800 Posts! I doubt know how i missed 700 but apparently i slept through it! Anyways, we're at 800 guys! We've got some serious traction! I just want a response from Deej or anyone from Bungie!



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