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4/6/2015 3:57:44 PM

HOW weapon speculation

As HOW (for those who don't know, 'house if wolves' the up and coming dlc) approaches I have been putting a bit of thought into the weapons that will be released with the dlc (raid legendaries and exotics) I'll start with the ones Already known, Lord of wolves - solar shotgun, I believe that this will be the raid exotic, (although I have reasons to believe that the raid exotic could be a void primary) (343?) Vesta dynasty - exotic scout rifle Fate of all fools - exotic scout rifle (bounty) These are my educated guesses on what the rest will be, Exotic machine gun - void damage, Exotic pulse rifle - Kinetic damage, fast fire rate, low damage Now for the raid weapons, Primaries Auto rifle - arc Scout rifle - void Pulse rifle - arc Hand cannon - solar Specials Sniper - arc Fusion rifle - void Shotgun - solar Heavy Rocket launcher - solar Machine gun - void These are just what I think, what are your thoughts, or ideas for new perks etc? What do you think the standard raid weapon perk will be?



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