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*NEW* The Darkness's Cursed Gear!

Since the beggining, we have had 5 item types: -Common -Uncommon -Rare -Legendary -Exotic After a lot of grinding, most of us have gone through all these stages. Some of us even have Exotic collections, which are simply incredible! Well then, I propose a new type of equipment: [b][i]Cursed Gear[/i][/b] We Guardians live in a Darkness infested World. Some of us have been corrupted by it. Some of us seduced by it. Some of us intrigued by it. All that is left... is for one of us to try to embrace it... and tame it. Clearly, Lord Shaxx would not allow such a horrifying and heretical thing in the Crucible, and therefore, you can only use Cursed Gear in PvE. Also, you need access to the Darkness to use it, and in the Crucible, there is too much Light from too many Guardians, interfering with your Gear. Cursed Gear would not work as normal gear. You are only allowed to wear one piece at a time, and you cannot equip Exotic Gear alongside it. Usually, you get passive, constant effects from gear. Examples here being things such as faster reload speed and more ammo for specific weapon types. Cursed Gear gives you nothing. [i]Absolutely nothing.[/i] That is... until you activate it. Cursed Gear would have a Black "Cursed Bar" displayed directly above your Super Bar, and once full, you would be able to unleash its powers. However, great powers do not come with great responsibilities. They come with even greater [b]Risks[/b]. Cursed Gear would give you enormous strenght in exchange for equally great weaknesses. How do you activate it though? Well, in a very interesting way! [b]Runes.[/b] The touchpad for the PS4 has not been used a lot in Destiny. For the XBOX, a button could be assigned, and then the Rune would be drawn using the joystick. Once you activate the Gear by [u]Holding Down[/u] your Super activation buttons, you become immovable and vulnerable for a few seconds, while the Darkness is unleashed and you attempt to tame it. Your character is enveloped in a Dark Aura, suffering and gasping not for air...... but for Light, and you are prompted to draw your Gear's Rune. Every time you activate your Curse, you are prompted with a different shape, size and drawing speed. However be warned! Failing to activate the Rune will Curse you with Weakness and not give you the Strenght you desire! Successfully drawing the Rune though, will give you temporary access to the Cursed power of the Darkness you so desperately try to fight. Examples being: Endless ammo with Damage boosts for your weapons! Give your enemies a taste of lead! Your Melee attacks completely devastate your enemies, recharge almost instantly and reach from a distance! Let them know your Knife, your Palm and your Fist like never before! You can run... And no one can keep up. Your speed is increased to dangerous levels! Your jumps make you feel like you're flying! Fall damage is non-existing! Landing on your enemies deals devastating damage! Your on-air precision is greatly heightened! Your grenades can now be compared to weapons of [b]ultra-concentrated[/b] mass destruction. You recharge Grenade Energy for every kill! Blow your enemies to endless bits! After activation and after the Curse ends though... you are exausted. You cannot use it for some time (Every Curse has a different amount of time before it fully charges again. The more powerful the Curse, the longer the recharge. About 7~12 Minutes of recharge if you just stand still.), and your Light has been hindered by it. Your Super Attack is temporarily locked away (3 Minutes and a half) and should Warlocks die with their Light still affected, Fireborn will not be of use! Note that if you use your Regular Super when your Gear is fully charged, the Cursed Super will be locked out for 2 minutes because of the sudden surge of Light that you generated. Also, as I have said, great [b]Risks[/b] come with great power... Should you miss too many of your endless supply of bullets, you will take damage from the Darkness, who will laugh at your aim. Your Melee becomes powerfull, but your bloodlust is too great... Should you not kill something within 6 seconds, the Darkness will start consuming you and you will take damage until you take another life... or until the Darkness takes yours. After running so much you become tired. You cannot sprint nor jump, and become slower. Your enemies will take this opportunity to lunge at you with their Claws. Your grenades have drained too much of your power. You can no longer use them for a while, and forgetting about this and attempting to use them will drain you of your Life. In Single Player, you would be able to use Cursed Gear as many times as you wanted. In Strikes, you would be allowes to use your Gear once. In Raids, once per Checkpoint/Wipe. This is to prevent the Gear usage of your teammates from potentially becoming a negative thing to the entire Fireteam due to the Risk. The Cursed Bar charges slower than your Super Bar. Killing enemies with Precision shots charges your Cursed Bar slightly as the Darkness welling up inside you enjoys gruesome deaths. Also, when inside Darkness Zones (Respawning Restricted) the Cursed Bar would charge faster because of the higher presence of the Darkness. Dying resets your Bar, as your Ghost would remove the Darkness from you during Revival. What do you think? Would you use Cursed Gear? What other effects do you suggest? What Risks would you be willing to take? [b]Are you up for the Risks, Guardian?[/b] [b]Before you leave:[/b] [i]IronLegion[/i] had a fantastic idea for another concept of "[i]Cursed Gear[/i]". Check it out! It [u]is[/u] worth reading! [i]Link:[/i] [spoiler][/spoiler] Also, here is a great idea thought up by [i]InfinitySerpent[/i]. It is a really creative one, and could prove to be a great implementation! [i]Link:[/i] [spoiler][/spoiler] [b]Edit:[/b] [i]We just reached 400 comments! Amazing! This is incredible guys! :D[/i]



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