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Bring This Behavior to Light

So normally I'd shrug it off, but recently I played against a player (on PS4) in a skirmish match on cauldron. The other team won the game by about 50 points. Wasn't too mad, it wasn't a terrible game. But then one of the players on the other team, [b]RunningGuy45[/b], proceeds to message me and I quote "rekt n*gger so bad it hurts kill self pls". I responded with some profanity as well as "never message me" and "you only won by 50 points" and he messages me again and tells me to hang myself. This is something normally I could shrug off, but someone I've known for a while recently did just that, and it was just unnerving that someone should say that over a game that they ended up winning. I'd post the screenshot of the final game stats from my phone as well as the conversation, but I don't have an imgur account to link the URL to, so I'll just sum it up- [u]xXMooNBlooDXx[/u] -2425 points -1.38 K/D [u]RunningGuy45[/u] -1190 points -0.64 K/D The point of this post was to just bring this kind of behavior to light and hopefully you can all avoid this guy in the future.



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