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3/3/2015 5:32:35 PM

More game types

Destiny needs more game types. This topic could completely end with that statement. No detail. Just Destiny needs more game types. Destiny has four main game types. 1. Control: Team death match with zones 2. Clash: Team death match 3. Rumble: Death match 4. Skirmish: Three on three team death match with revives. And then there are the other game types that only come on weekends. Only. Weekends. Combined Arms: Big maps. Team death match Salvage: Three on three revives and a zone. Are you starting to see a pattern? Where's our team snipers? King of the Hill? This is Bungie for God's sake, the people who made Halo which has about fifty different game types. And in Destiny we get six? That are all team death match? It took the game about a year just to introduce a game type with no radar. Ending statement: Bungie give us more game types!



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