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2/13/2015 9:20:29 PM

Why Doesn't Bungie offer a Refund if you make an Accidental Purchase or Upgrade

I started playing Destiny in late December. I received Gjallarhorn as a reward drop a couple days ago from the Nightfall or ROC, I don't remember which. When Xur showed up today I went to see him, and saw the upgrade for Gjallarhorn. My assumption was the upgrade would take the 331 and raise it closer to 400. I later found out from another forum post that there was a 300 lvl Gjallarhorn that this upgrade was meant for, that boosted it to 331. So basically I wasted 7 coins and 7900 glimmer. So here are my questions: 1. Is there any way to redeem these coins and glimmer by contacting Bungie? Much like how Blizzard has GM's that can restore items. 2. Why doesn't Bungie show the last transaction in another refund box with-in the window that allows you to sell back your last item to the vendor you bought it from for a refund? Again, like Blizzard does in WoW during vendor transactions. 3. Why can I up-grade and item that's already max level in the first place? Why wasn't this grayed out like any other transaction that would normally not be allowed? That just seams like poor/lazy coding to me. If I'm out the cost of the up-grade, then I guess I'm out the 7 coins and 7900 glimmer. But I find it really disturbing that I had to go online, and search through forums to understand what happened when I choose to upgrade Gjallarhorn. That there was not in-game warning, no tool-tip pop-up, or anything in-game period that explained this. Much the same way I'm disappointing I have to go to separate websites to find groups of people to pair up with for Nightfall and Weekly/Daily Strikes. That topic, however, could be, and most likely is, and whole forum of it's own. Don't think this is all just a rant about how I hate the game. I actually really like this game, and plan on continuing to play it. It's just these little moments that make me disappointing int how a game can lack such simple features, that other games have had for years now. Bungie, if you haven't already, please meet up with some Bliz Devs and find out how to implement an in-game refund for vendor purchases, include some in-game tool-tips for vendor services, and for the love of god, get an in-game Looking for Group feature. If I have to keep going online to multiple sites to find people to message then join through Xbox LIve or Playstation Online, I don't know if I'd be willing to ride this thing all the way out.



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