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[BUNGIE] Solutions for Xbox One Re-downloading Update

[b][UPDATE 2/25/15] The 1.1.1 Update contains a fix for this issue. If you have not installed this update, please exit Destiny and re-launch to take the patch. If you are still encountering this issue after updating Destiny and following the troubleshooting guide, please let us know.[/b] [b][u]PLEASE NOTE:[/u] This post is ONLY for the Redownloading issue. Please do not post offtopic as it pushes down posts of people who are still experiencing this problem; players that do this will be removed from the thread.[/b] Hello all, We have been investigating the issue where Xbox One players experience a re-download of a 76mb update every time they play Destiny. We have a few troubleshooting options that [b]we highly recommend players attempt in the order we present them[/b]: [b]Check your internet connection[/b] Are you on a wired or wireless connection? If you are on WiFi or mobile hotspots, we recommend using a wired connection to complete your installation, as sometimes this update is due to the connection failing or hiccuping during the update. [b]Clear your cache[/b] Clearing the console's cache has been the most successful way of getting out of this state. Please see below for more information as there are [b]two ways[/b] to clear the cache on your console. Once it is cleared it will resume your update. -Launch Destiny on your console (Do not press A to play) -At the sign on screen (the screen that prompts you “Press A To Play”) press and hold the following buttons for ~10 seconds, or until the game launches : Right Bumper (RB) + Left Bumper (LB) + down on the dpad -[b]PLEASE NOTE:[/b] This button command should only be used on the “Press A To Play” screen OR -Completely shut your console off -Go to Settings -Go to Power & startup -Press Turn Xbox off -Once the console is completely off, unplug the power cord from the back of the console and let sit for ~5 minutes -Power the console on and re-launch Destiny [b]Re-launching the game after playing a different game[/b] This issue could also be caused by game installs overlapping each other on your hard drive. Sometimes this can be sorted by simply closing Destiny and launch a recently played game (that is NOT Destiny). Please follow the steps below: 1. Launch Destiny 2. Close Destiny 3. Launch recently played/downloaded game 4. Play for a bit (20-30 minutes is recommended) 5. Close recently played/downloaded game 6. Launch Destiny At this point, the update will pop up and follow through, and the issue should resolve. Players who own the disc copy of Destiny have reported that their issue resolved after borrowing a friend's disc and attempting the update, or cleaning the disc. We realize this issue can occur with digital copies, and this solution may not be ideal. [b]We are aware that these steps may not resolve this issue, and if none of these steps help then re-installing the game may work.[/b] Your progress and characters are saved server-side on your account, so you do not need to worry about losing progress if you uninstall. Please know that Bungie is investigating a report on people who cannot resolve this issue with the steps provided. We thank you for your patience as we investigate.



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