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Order of Divine Chaos

"To Help Clanmates"

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    Our mission in the Order of Divine Chaos is simple: KILL everything!!

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New To Clans But Experienced Gamer

So since others posted figure I should. I'm new to the clan and haven't really played much of Destiny until Taken King was released so I'm getting back into it and needing to do HoW as well. I'd like to meet some experienced players who can teach me stuff like the new raid as well as getting the sword/tree and such but also new guys as I'm willing to help anyone I can. I'm good at crucible (mostly-will be better with the right gear), and have a 40 Titan, 33 Warlock, and soon to be 40 Hunter. I'm a 21 y.o. respectful dude with a decent mic, good wifi, and a solid team player and anyone else on PSN who's similar feel free to add me. Thanks for letting me join. First clan and hoping for a good experience. "At Your Service" :]

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