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The Super Suckers

"Super Suckers and Fail Charges"

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    This group is primarily for people who fit the description "Super Suckers". What does this mean? Well, quite frankly, it means sometimes you really can't land your supers effectively. This group isn't leaned towards people who suck with their supers and intend to keep sucking with them, but also towards good players and people who strive to get better. Also, we happily accept anyone already in a clan, say, they want to join this group since it's Crucible-oriented or since it has some news posts, they could join and not be pressured to leave their previous clan. Other than that, this is pretty much your average group. Get raid Fireteams together, play Strikes, Crucible, Patrols, etc. Join today and play with people like you!

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3/29/2015 9:18:36 PM

The House of Wolves Exotics

Lord of Wolves


347 Vesta Dynasty


Screw the weapons, I want armor!


None, not planning on buying.


These are the currently known Exotics in the House of Wolves DLC. So, which one are you [i]most[/i] excited for? I honestly believe the [i]Lord of Wolves[/i] will be the Raid gun (Not unlike the [i]Vex Mythoclast[/i] and the [i]Nechrochasm[/i]), but I'm still leaning towards the 347 Vesta Dynasty, nice to have another Exotic Scout Rifle (it's the second one if you don't count the Fate of all Fools). I will be posting in-depth info on these weapons and the many exotic armor pieces coming in the House of Wolves soon. Reminder that the House of Wolves DLC will primarily take place in the Reef (as far as we know) and will be released around April-June 2015.

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