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9/5/2017 6:10:56 PM

killtacular clan recruitment / xp code giveaway

killtacular clan recruitment / xp code giveaway (PS4 ONLY) CLAN PERKS WILL BE A HUGE DEAL IN DESTINY 2. HAVING A 100 MEMBER CLAN IS WILL GRANT TOP TIER CLAN REWARDS. THIS ALSO GIVES YOU A LARGE IN GAME CLAN ROSTER OF PLAYERS FOR NIGHTFALLS, RAIDS, AND TRIALS. GAMES WILL BE STREAMED AND VIDEOS UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE!! GROW YOUR FRIENDS LIST AND LEVEL UP TO MAX QUICKLY WITH ADVICE FROM ANY OF OUR DESTINY 1 VETERANS. LEVIATHAN sept 13th 1PM (highest light level players only) TRIALS sept 15th 1PM OTHER CLAN NAMES availible sept 20th: git gud, regicide, guardian down (voting will take place closer to the 20th to enter the xp code giveaway: 1. join the ps4 clan (CLICK BUNGIE LOGO ABOVE) 2. follow & sub to youtube: killawaifu THATS IT! (winner will be announced this weekend) good luck guardians!

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