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2/24/2021 4:57:52 PM

[PS4][PS5] DestinysNightOwls recruiting serious raiders that play regularly (18+)

Destiny Night Owls are recruiting active and experienced raiders to fill raid spots weekly. We are a group of like minded players looking to play with respect for each other and have fun doing so. We have two groups that usually play between 9PM - 1AM PST/EST on weekdays and weekends. At this time, we are looking for active members who have raid experience up until Garden of Salvation and want to find a community to do things with on a regular basis(especially raiding). We are looking for certain guardians that loves to raid not just for their own benefit, but also to help other clanmates when available. If you have the patience of a saint and like to teach others to know how to raid...even better! If you are that guardian every week that finishes their three raid rewards but likes to keep on raiding to help. Then look no further. Our requirements: -Be 18+ (or can at least fool us.) -Raid at least once a week and have some experience with D2 raids. -This also includes the ability to be on time, reliable, and have some of the meta raiding weapons like The Lament, Anarchy and Xenophage. -Have a mic and be active in the clan discord at least a few times a week. -Play at least two to three days a week and participate with the clan (unless something comes up - we're flexible) This is not the clan for you if: -You are constantly late or back out of events or raids frequently -You constantly ask for carries -You refuse to watch guides for whatever reason [PS4/PS5] DestinysNightOwls

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