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1/12/2021 8:35:14 PM

3 Brothers Looking for New Home/Clan

Hey everyone, My brothers and I were members of a clan that sadly fizzled out over time. We're pretty tight nit and play together every other night. [b]We are playstation gamers.[/b] We're ideally looking for an active clan that wouldn't mind setting up crucible stacks, showing us the ropes on raids, hopping on the bounty grind, and/or just generally enjoying the game. We do our fair share of sweating, however, all three of us would be quick to tell you that we are no PVP or PVE gods. We just get together and enjoy the game to the best of our ability and hangout/have a good time in the process. [b]What We Typically Do:[/b] On a weekly basis, we play a good deal of crucible matches, complete a dungeon run, knock out a reasonable amount of bounties, and complete pinnacles all to the best of our ability. [b]When We Typically Game: [/b]We typically get together on a semi-nightly basis from 7-11pm Central Time. (8-12pm Eastern Time for me) [b]What We Would Like to do:[/b] It would be awesome to learn a raid or two and have a great time as a squad completing said raids. Generally speaking though, we just want to have a good time through all aspects of the game. Not really looking for a super intense try-hard clan that has a billion rules about how you have to behave or how high a KDA has to be in order to be worthy of a clan's membership. Just looking for a handful of guys and gals who want to progress in the game and enjoy it together. [b]Minor preference:[/b] We have found in our past experiences within other clans that the smaller the clan is, the better the bond and communication is between members. When clans get really big, it's easier for people to be swept under the rug and you don't get to know any of your clan mates.In other words, the smaller the better, but we're still open to all options. [i]If you're still with me so far, feel free to reach out and let us know about your clan or group. If you know of a clan that you think would be a good fit, we would love to hear from you. Give us a run down of what you're about and we'll consider it! [/i] [b]Important Side Note:[/b] This sounds odd, however it is an important clarification. All three of us are adults and we behave accordingly. We are no strangers to dark humor and expletives, in fact, we welcome them both with open arms. lol [i]Again, if you're still interested, reach out.[/i] Thanks, [b]-Sam[/b]

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  • [u][b]Lets Welcome Everyone To Season *Beyond Light* [/b][/u] A Clan is like a gaming family and that's what we are We Help and look out for each other regardless in raids/crucible/milestones We are not a "Focused Trials Clan" We are a Mixed Bunch Our Personalities are extraordinarily different that is what makes us awesome. This Clan has been alive and well since Season 1. And we are open to meeting new people and new faces. Those who are oblivious to Destiny overall. No worries! We Definitely have time for those to teach and grind the ways of Destiny. As you can say We are Definitely the Sherpa Clan. Yes, People. Sherpa. :] Our Rules are Very Simple Don't go offline for more than 2 weeks. And Don't be Disrespectful. Yes, we may not agree on things but who really does?. This is a place where we can Game and Talk all the Gaming crap we can. We Are PDT/UK/EST Friendly [b] We Communicate Through Web Application/Mobile Application Try us out. I am sure you won't regret it [/b] [b]Direct Clan Link: [url][/url] When Submitting: Send a Msg to Me to Confirm the Request Make Sure you leave any current clan your in before applying [/b] [b] Check out our Clan-Intro Season 5. Short 30 Seconds [url][/url][/b] [u]Can not Wait To See You, Guardian.[/u]

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