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Изменено (Theblueyoda): 1/13/2021 6:54:48 PM


*DISCORD RECOMMENDED* [b]The Light's Legacy, our Destiny clan, exists because of one simple thing: our love for Destiny and Bungie's amazing universe. Be it Raids, Strikes, Crucible or general tomfoolery, we do them together and ensure we have fun along the way. Our ambition is to provide the perfect home for anyone looking for their Destiny family and become a name synonymous throughout the Destiny fanbase. We are ourselves not just a clan, but a community and family.[/b] [i]Why not take a look at our Youtube & Twitch channels? We host our weekly Raids on Twitch and will be producing more Destiny and gaming content throughout 2020 and into the new generation:[/i] [url=]Legacy Gaming[/url] [url=]Legacy_Gaming_Live[/url] [quote]-We take great pride in being one of the biggest and oldest global clans in Destiny -A close-knit community. we are open to absolutely anyone who wishes to join; no initiations. -Completely, 120% all gender & LGBTQ+ supportive. As long as you love games, there is a place for you. -Discord is a recommendation for communication. We are always willing to teach those who have never used it before. -Founded by D1 veterans, most of who started way back in the D1 beta -Raid run every weekend with a consistent, highly experienced team -We run all content throughout the week, therefore you will always find someone online to adventure with -Community playthroughs on Twitch & Youtube[/quote] Joining Legacy Gaming is as easy as farming Fallen. Simply: 1- Give us an upvote on this post if you can. Helps us a bunch. 2- Hop onto our Discord: 3- It's time to join either our PS4 or PC clan: [quote]PS: CURRENTLY FULL PC:[/quote] [i]The next 3 years of Destiny are looking remarkable and we want you to be a part of it with us. Come Guardians, Europa is calling...[/i]

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